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For Burien City Council

Leadership for all, Position #2

About Me

Hey there, my amazing friends! I am so excited to share my story with you and inspire you to take the chance to follow what you believe!

I’ve been observing my community for years and quietly doing my part to make it a better place. From picking up trash on the streets to supporting local businesses, I’ve always believed in the power of community. But lately, I’ve noticed a lack of trust and cooperation in our city council. That’s why I’m running for Burien City Council Position #2 ,  to rebuild trust, cooperation, and shared vision. I believe in leadership for all because our 52,000 + residents deserve it. 

Listen up, Burien community members! I’m not here to push my own agenda. I’m here to represent YOU and work with YOU to make our community the best it can be in our state and country. I want to hear from you – what do you think Burien needs? Let’s work together to make it happen!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Seattle, and my parents were passionate about helping refugees and advocating for their rights. That’s where my love for community service began. I worked as an immigration paralegal on the US-Mexico border, helping women and children in domestic violence situations. I also translated for Latino torture survivors at various conferences.

After that, I went to the University of New Mexico and graduated with a B.A in Political Science and a minor in Latin American Studies. I worked two part-time jobs to pay for college – UPS at night and on-campus food service in the morning. I later went back to college for a second B.A in Architectural Design and worked as a Commercial Architectural Designer for regional hospitals, schools, V.A. hospitals, and clinics: Designing spaces for people to heal and be safe.

Would you like to become one of our donors?

Would you like to become one of our donors?


  • Economic Development and Creative Economy
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Community Resiliency
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Safe Communities

As a Burien Councilmember, I am committed to championing economic development in our community. To achieve this,it is crucial that we approve long-term solutions. Therefore, I recommend investing in workforce development to equip our labor force with the necessary skills for the modern economy. Additionally, we should invest in youth and adult community spaces to create a vibrant and diverse community attractive to businesses and investors.

Supporting smallbusinesses is also essential, as they are the backbone of our economy and city. Finally, we need a conference center, concert halls, and festivals venues to draw visitors and showcase our community.

To compliment these efforts, we need to look to our future for new ideas for workforce in the creative sectors of our region. This is a space where we can expand opportunities for workers and businesses. What is a creative economy?

There are over 100 creative professionals, from sound designers to 3D printing, artists that create murals and have studios to designing and creating products we use every day. By implementing these measures, we can build a thriving and prosperous community that encourage businesses and investors to make Burien their home. I urge you to vote for me, Rut Perez-Studer, as your council member who advocates for small businesses

Education and workforce development go hand in hand. Education does not always mean having to go to college. It is about developing skills to become a viable and well rounded contributing member of a community. This comes in many forms. Investing time to help our Burien community members learn the critical pathways to economic mobility and safety is critical. Workforce development has been an essential part of my career in connecting with community with youth and adults alike. Helping them understand the pathways to creating generational wealth. To keep Burien’s economy vibrate and flowing we need All of you. There are many options a ways to go about this, I want to hear from you on what you will do to help us make this happen Together.

Right now, Burien does not have a resiliency plan. What does this mean? There is not a well known location in our community to serve as an extreme weather shelter or center. We are currently beholden to King County for any incident command support. Therefore, we must work on retrofitting critical infrastructure to be able to support our own community and not have to wait for King County in extreme situations. The first steps to becoming resilient is to also educate the community on developing plans of resilience in moments of extreme weather. As your Burien City Council member, I will work with other agencies to develop and implement a plan to support our community for such critical moments.
For resiliency in other ways, as an Airport City here are a few more items I will work on. First, with the grave need for more housing…requiring LEED certified homes is a first step towards a win-win for the most under-represented communities. Through investment in sustainably built housing, it will bring better health and overall wellbeing for our community in the long-term. Second, actively position and attract investors to Burien as a city where Environmental Innovators can come, can build and can create innovative infrastructure; making Burien an Environmental Innovation Hub. This will bring active long-term solutions to help us thrive as a community.

There are many building projects that will be happening for Burien’s long-term economic development, and with that we need to incorporate proper sustainable building/construction requirements to be a part of environmental solutions.

As a Burien Councilmember, who is LEED certified and has experience in commercial architectural design, I will bring this knowledge to work with the city planning team and community to design the next generation of Burien. When you vote for me, feel confident that I have the education and experience of the construction innovations that bring about positive development.

Public Safety continues to be a problem for many cities in the region and some of them are finding solutions to the issues of homelessness, open drug use and gun violence. The reasons for these public safety issues are many but we need to be able to take action. Actions that will be compassionate yet have accountability to those functioning outside of our social contract. Everyone has a gift to share and we must find where they belong within our community. For this to happen all members of our community must do their positive part to find who they are and how they will contribute.  This is the most compassionate action to take and this is the next step needed to achieve public safety.

In our community, we deserve to feel safe. Our small business owners should not  have to come to work to find windows broken, or drug addicts in their doorways. These small business owners have worked very hard for the past several years to keep our downtown and other parts of our community vibrant.  The current manner in which we are responding to crime is not working; doubling down  on our same practices is not the answer. We must invest in not only preventing criminal activity, but working on effective solutions that reduce or eliminate the root causes of low-level crime. The lack of access to working wage jobs, education/training, affordable housing, mental & physical healthcare, food, these are all factors that lead to increased crime…therefore, we must resolve these issues to create the positive change we all want.

 Burien is a hard working community that deserves maintaining the social contracts of safety and security when all members of that community are positively contributing to helping it thrive. Right now, we all know there is work to be done to have All members of our communities positively impact what we are working so hard to achieve.  We need to re-build  what Burien is known for…being welcoming. As a Burien Councilmember, I will work  to restore our social contracts and I will need All of you to help me…not only by voting for me but working with me and other community members to make it happen.

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Rut Perez Studer: Leadership, Experience, Values means something.

Candidate Rut Perez Studer will work for economic opportunities, safer streets, community resilience and a sustainable future.

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Environmental stewardship

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